Exercises for High Blood Pressure Patients

Exercises for High Blood Pressure Patients

Physical exercises are extremely useful in treating and preventing the high blood pressure. You must know the advantages the exercise in controlling this disease and choose the most suitable activities for yourself.

The World Health Organization and the International Society of Hypertension agree that exercise is incredibly helpful in the treatment and prevention of the disease of hypertension. When the reduction of blood pressure values are very small, extreme exercises may be adequate to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Some of the major advantages of exercise to control hypertension are as follows;

•    Exercises help in maintaining healthy weight preventing obesity.
•    They make heart work better and decrease the number of beats per minute and improve its contraction.
•    Physical exercises help you avoid anxiety and depression.
•    They control the levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar.
•    They also make you feel healthier and fitter.

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When you intend to start any of the exercise routine, it is vital to consult with your doctor for the reason that he/she will recommend the most appropriate exercises to you according to weight, age and condition of the disease. Since exercise can increase blood pressure values, your doctor will decide if the stress levels need to be reduced before you do any physical activity.

Ideal Exercise for Hypertension

For the ones who are suffering from high blood pressure, the effective exercises are those where large muscle groups are involved and they are rhythmic and aerobic in nature like walking, dancing, running, swimming and cycling.


Exercise intensity is not generalized since every person has a different fitness level and the intensity is recommended as per the fitness level of one particular individual and it may be counterproductive for the other.

Aerobic Exercise

In the case of an aerobic exercise, you must check pulse and breathing; if you pants, it means that the intensity is perhaps excessive and you should slow down.

Weight Exercise

In case of a weight exercise, it should always be performed with moderate weights.http://www.nutrition.gov/weight-management


If it is an aerobic exercise, sedentary people with no sports experience should begin with brisk walking of short session of about 20 minutes and gradually enhance the time up to 60 minutes. The recommended frequency is 3-5 days weekly.

People with no habit of exercising, it is advisable to start with shorter sessions.

Some high blood pressure patients face difficulty in walking for 30 minutes. In such as case, it is recommended to distribute 30 minutes in two sessions of 15 minutes or three sessions of 10 minutes and the effect will beneficial as that of one-session walk.

Anaerobic Exercise

If the exercise is with physical force or it is an anaerobic activity, duration depends on the number of exercises, sets and reps.